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bored and applying for acceptance

name Thorin
age 21
location Denver

1. top 5 bands: Public Enemy, Big Black, Jesus Lizard, Clikitat Ikatowi, Black Dice
2. top 5 movies: the Conformist, Brazil, City of Lost Children, High Fidelity ( I used to work at a record store, i mean, come on), Manchurian Candidate
3. 5 words you constantly use: i don't repeat a thing
4. why are you better than everyone else? there is no need to explain, its just obvious.
5. why do you deserve to be here? does anyone truly deserve to be here?
6. how do you show you really are elite? why would you need to "show" it? if your truly elite you don't have to try to do anything, it just happens.
7. if you had 50 dollars would you give a bum a couple bucks? i would take the bum out to dinner and a movie if i had 50 bucks.
8. who is your favorite author and why? Nathaneal West. Because he is incredible and was writing in the 30's with a style that is unrivaled even today. The Dream Life of Balso Snell is by far by favorite read, even if it would be considered only a novella.
9. what is something you live by everyday? "tango till they're sore"
10. if you were an animal, what kind would you be? why? i'm not answering this.
11. what kind of shoes do you wear? better looking one's then you do.
12. if you had a puppy what would you name it? why? Rocky Rococco because Cap 'n Jazz rules.
13. compare yourself to someone famous (movie star, musician, fictional character, historical figure). why? i always get compared to Tobey Mcguire, don't ask me why. I am famous in my own right.
14. what's your favorite body part? eyes. They make it much easier to see.
15. what's your most prized possession? its not worth it to prize posessions. they never prize you back.
16. any special talents? i'm a fucking rockstar for one.

oddly enough i don't own any pictures of myself... except for a few mediocre band pictures... i'm in blue.

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