Eric Hoyt (the_ferret_) wrote in elite_as_fuck,
Eric Hoyt

name: eric
age: 16
location: montgomery, alabama

1. desaparecidos
2. alkaline trio
3. cursive
4. radiohead
5. sonic youth

1. adaptation
2. igby goes down
3. bowling for columbine
4. 24 hour party people
5. back to the future

1. fuck
2. ass
3. ohh
4. indeed
5. yes, please

4. why are you better than everyone else?
when you live in alabama it isn't really difficult.

5. why do you deserve to be here?
I don't really care if I'm elite... I just want to make fun of stupid people without feeling guilty for it.

6. how do you show you really are elite?
I make fun of hertearsareice on a regular basis.

7. if you had 50 dollars would you give a bum a couple bucks? no.

8. who is your favorite author and why?
John Grisham because law is fun, yay!

9. what is something you live by everyday?
a crackhouse... I'm not joking.

10. if you were an animal, what kind would you be? why?
a cat. unlike dogs, they make people work for their attention.

11. what kind of shoes do you wear?
whatever doesn't look stupid with my pants.

12. if you had a puppy what would you name it? why?
tim, but I'd spell it s-t-e-v-e... so that when people say "hey, come here steve!" I'd say "no... it's tim" and they'd say "but it's spelled steve" and I'd say "it's pronounced tim."

13. compare yourself to someone famous (movie star, musician, fictional character, historical figure). why? Jason Lee.

14. what's your favorite body part?
my hands.

15. what's your most prized possession?
my blue hoodie.

16. any special talents?
see below...

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