Drew (liquidskies) wrote in elite_as_fuck,

name: Drew
age: 18
location: harrison, ny

1. top 5 bands do not mention the beatles, everyone knows they're amazing and it's just typical!
-Get up kids, Coheed and cambria, foo fighters, 311, Group X
2. top 5 movies
-Hackers, Boondock Saints, Requiem for a dream, Bio Dome (sorry but it's classic), Animal House
3. 5 words you constantly use.
-lunch, beer, the, vagina, mine
4. why are you better than everyone else?
Because I'm more arrogant than them.
5. why do you deserve to be here?
I'm elite as fuck, it just works out.
6. how do you show you really are elite?
My middle finger. Or the walk away while someone is still talking. I hate when boring people try and talk.
7. if you had 50 dollars would you give a bum a couple bucks?
Depends if he could do something to earn it....throw a bottle at a little old lady? Three bucks.
8. who is your favorite author and why?
Dr. Suess. Who else could think up green eggs and hams?
9. what is something you live by everyday?
Orange-strawberry-banana drink. It's amazing.
10. if you were an animal, what kind would you be? why?
Flying squirel. What do you mean why? Because you'd be a squirel who could fly. And not like rocky.
11. what kind of shoes do you wear?
Camoflauge puma slipons or stolen size 9 bowling shoes.
12. if you had a puppy what would you name it? why?
Guy. I could be like "c'mon guy, lets go" and it would.
13. compare yourself to someone famous (movie star, musician, fictional character, historical figure). why?
Derek Zoolander. I can do a badass Blue Steel.
14. what's your favorite body part?
My thumb, it's bigger than most peoples, hense, it's better.
15. what's your most prized possession?
Autographed nude picture of Anna Kournikova
16. any special talents?
Check out #13.

If you don't like it, tough shit, it's elite.
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