Ice Pack (bobbola) wrote in elite_as_fuck,
Ice Pack

bragging rights.

If youve read my journal at all, shit went down and i got depressed. on my journal, i feel sorry for myself and be sad. things dont fly like that on elite_as_fuck. so im going to list a bunch of things that make me better than everyone else.

1.) I can juggle, well
2.) I was homecoming king
3.) I have played at Carnegie Hall
4.) I made it into the Marine band with the second highest score ever in the western united states for people coming out of high school. i declined the offer.
5.) I have had 5 gaping head wounds. no stitches.
6.) I started on my varsity soccer team.
7.) I have an IQ of 170
8.) I am funny, stand up comedian quality funny.
9.) my dad looks like ric flair.
10.) I can post a score of 80 on expert minesweeper, and can routinely get under 100.
11.) I have a streak of 127 wins on free cell.
12.) I can post under 5:30 in the mile.
13.) I have McGyver skills.
14.) I was in the state geography bee in 5th grade (came down with bronchitis, and sucked)
15.) I am the best euphoniumist in the university and best undergrad in the state (maybe the united states, dont hold me to that though cause im not sure, but i know im up there)

some of those may have been subjective, but the majority were objective, and thats what counts.
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