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1. top 5 bands --> Flickerstick, So Far So Good, Homegrow, anyone who plays hot 80's/early 90's jams (ie, Rick Astley, Mr. Big)... and clearly Michael Bolton - if "Steel Bars" doesn't rouse you, you have no soul. i went over 5. sorry!
2. top 5 movies --> The Sting, Life is Beautiful, Kids, 12 Angry Men, Hackers
3. 5 words you constantly use --> "dumb giiirl", "bitch please", "trife"
4. why are you better than everyone else? --> i naturally "abbrev" words, thus making my entire life more efficient than yours; i don't walk, i strut; i don't believe being angsty makes you cool.
5. why do you deserve to be here? --> i'm elite as fuck. let's be serious.
6. how do you show you really are elite? --> i never blush; with those who are unworthy of it, i don't argue, i disregard.
7. if you had 50 dollars would you give a bum a couple bucks? --> yeah, i'm a bleeding-heart. i especially enjoy the original ones, ie, the guy who opens the door for me at the metro. now that's taking initiative.
8. who is your favorite author and why? --> shirley jackson, because even though her stories can be a bit unnerving, at least she makes me THINK. and, everyone remembers "the lottery" and is continually disturbed by it.
9. what is something you live by everyday? --> "the secret to success is to pretend you're playing by everyone else's rules, while quietly making up your own."
10. if you were an animal, what kind would you be? why? --> i would be a panda. all they want you to do is eat and have sex ... plus you're rare, which is an added bonus.
11. what kind of shoes do you wear? --> i live in flip flops and sandals. hmm, except in the winter, then i like to wear the sneaks as much as possible.
12. if you had a puppy what would you name it? why? --> betsy, it's archie andrew's car's name, and davey crockett's gun.
13. compare yourself to someone famous (movie star, musician, fictional character, historical figure). why? --> elaine benes, from seinfeld. she's my idol. 1.) she isn't supposed to be jewish, but she might as well be, 2.) she doesn't take anyone's crap, 3.) she doesn't really seem to do anything at her job, 4.) men fall all over her, yet she always finds some small, negative thing about them to dwell on.
14. what's your favorite body part? --> my breasts. they're pretty breast-tastic ("fanstastic" doesn't quite cover it).
15. what's your most prized possession? --> my mind
16. any special talents? --> i make a sound with my mouth that really sounds like a dog sniffing... hey, it seems insignificant but it amuses children and people whose lives really really suck.

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